Super Epic Rocket Launching Take Off

The best pilots only take off in windy conditions.
In windy conditions only the best pilots take off.

feat. Steaming Satellites

Cream On Top

A short stop on Kreuzspitz.

feat. Ratatat

Creamy Top Zapping

Zapping through the last weeks channels. Searching for more...

The Storm Chasers

Even on windy days

feat. Professor Kliq


Uncut & Original Sound

Tea Bag Day

"Tea, Earl Grey, Hot"

feat. Starwalker

They Fly Sky

I like snow - when it's finally here - and stays!

feat. we walk walls
with kind permission of wohnzimmer records

Fear Fog Attack!

A thrilling thriller shot in the austrian alps.

feat. Worakls

Kepler's Christmas Gift

Christkind came and brought my present! :)

feat. Parachute Youth
find some additional scenes

'til next year

Happy New Year 2016


the silent walk

This is about walking the earth silently ...and flying.

feat. HVOB
featured on rocktheoutdoor

Those Misty Times

When there's mist you have to hurry

feat. Hyper

Partially No Snow

Snow is absent - Air is there

feat. Johann Sebastian Bass

...This Is Fog!

If fog is the problem, we've got the solution.

feat. Christine & The Queens

Winter Has Come

It's cold - be cooler!

feat. Booka Shade

Escaping The Fog

To flee the fog, walk up the mountain.

feat. Washed Out

Wandertag III: Rifflspitz

Hiking and flying on Rifflspitz [2106m] with Hansi, Antner, Christi and Ranki.

feat. The Ting Tings